Disbanding, and laser printer for sale now

Well it has been a long time and a lot of water under the bridge and ink spilt… But I (Peter Harris) have had to admit defeat as far as the original co-op concept and even the book services which I provided. The former probably because of my own rural location and lack of contact with other writers, the latter because of my ongoing chemical sensitivity (probably from my days as a photoframe manufacturer, awash in solvents and lacquer). And because of my own writing, ferrocement work, etc.  And the difficult times for printers and binders, with digital taking over, and global competition from Amazon’s Createspace print on demand etc.

If you find anything useful here, great! And in some other place, with more gregarious person or persons, the concept could work. I would join a Newfeaf myself! But not run one… If you are curious as to my present ventures, see www.hobbithaven.nz

So, many thanks to you who used my book services, and also those who did join, and most of all to Gary Cook, the financial member extraordinaire who bought the commercial OKI ES3640pro colour laser printer, which he has now given the go-ahead to sell. All proceeds from this return to Gary, but I am doing the Trademe sale, to be found here : http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=878358731&ed=true 

please spread the word, or bid for this fine printer!

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How to re-install Adobe CS2 without going mad

This is for all those who hate to be put through incredibly stupid Adobe wringers whereby you go right through a process such as ‘phone activation’, including entering via the phone pad a series of stupidly long numbers, only to be told at the end by recorded message (a bumptious american speaking) that Adobe no longer supports phone activation… then going to the website as directed and finding that your legitimately bought disks are no longer accepted and you must download the entire gigabyte plus of programs and install them, using the serial number they oh so kindly provide. And finding yourself in a labyrinth!!!aghhh.

ANYWAY, THANKS TO GOOGLING I FOUND THE WAY OUT. DO THIS: (this was the instruction that worked for me, thankyou ‘secretagentmole’!! see his post here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4975155#4975155

So, follow this to the letter:

Jan 9, 2013 5:15 AM   in reply to SuOCar

First run an unistaller like Revo Uninstaller it is free, select everything Adobe it drags up and then follow this procedure!

1. Right-click each file (.exe file)
2. Select Properties then go to the Compatibility tab.
3. Put a check on the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” then select the previous OS which do you think it worked. For your case select Windows XP with Service Pack 3
4. Then under Privilege Level, place a check on “Run this program as administrator”
5. Click Apply then OK.

ignore disk 1 (we will come back to this)

Click disk 2 – but change the Save Files in folder destination to
C:\Creative Suite CS2\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0\  [note this is different! follow to the letter!]

by default it goes to the wrong folder of C:\Creative Suite\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0\ – This later brings up an error of insert disk 2.

If it says Unable to create the specified output folder! – just click OK

Click Next

Click Disk 3 – making sure the address is C:\Creative Suite CS2

Click Next


Install the Extra Files if you want to

Now Click Disk 1 – Destionation folder – C:\Creative Suite CS2
Ignore Quicktime 6 message
Accept Agreement
Enter Serial – 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551
Now you need to change the location as C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe is not valid
change it to C:\Progra~2\Adobe
If the next button stays greyed out, click back then go forward with the next button. All should now be good
Install the entire suite or just the components you require.
Select Do not Register on drop down on the registration page

It works, I have done it and it works fine on Windows 7″

YAY! And it actually works for those who didnt years ago shell out a large sum like we did for CS2, and who do not feel they can justify or afford in any way shape or form the large monthly rental for the latest cloud CS6. Not that I condone taking this as a loophole to free software, but boy they would tempt a saint after all they put us through, and the charges they make for the latest software. They are just lucky Creative Suite is still so good – photoshop and indesign in particular.


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A great way to break writer’s block, perfectionism, and procrastination, and make an info product.

Happy New Year! Looks like we’re still here, and we need to get on with it. As I’ve quoted before, if we want to meet our publisher, just look in the mirror. And hey, look after that guy – s/he’s your best friend, and is rooting for you (I hope!! If not, why not? :)).

So, I posted about this technique on my wizardgifts blog, here’s the gist: sit down at your computer after a cup of tea and some sustaining food and don’t get up again until you have written from the heart a message or open letter on some subject that you know about, are passionate about, and have a message about. A message that a group or class of people you care for deeply could benefit from hearing. Then edit it a bit, and upload it as a free ebook. (I can do that for you simply,  see www.ebookuploader.com). I got the technique from Jason Fladlien – his one problem, one solution, one sitting method. I would add a link but I can’t find the exact page he said it, apart from a pitch to buy a whole package. if you find it, maybe add a link in a comment? He is an interesting young internet marketer – ex-hare-krishna monk, for a start.

So in wizardgifts I said:

“I went to bed about 3.30 AM, but I basically did it according to Fladlien’s Formula: one problem, one solution, one sitting. The last would have seemed a problem, but with that last cup of tea at dinner, the time flashed by, and I hardly noticed until it was ‘done’ – good enough for a first edition, to get some feedback, some FAQs, and some encouragement to go on and write Letters Two Three and beyond. All at the one sitting (each).

I recommend it as a way to break potential writer’s blocks, get stuff out there, and find out if it’s worth doing more.

I will now tweet it, and retire to the land i guess, encouraged,  to edit the last volume of the 2000-page epic.

oh, yes overnight (from 3.30ish to now, about 7 hours, it has had over 100 views and 26 downloads on Smashwords. Not bad… It will be interesting to see what it does when it ‘hits’ Barnes & Noble, which happens when it is approved for ‘premium distribution’.

I have no idea what the nerds will think of it. Or their mothers. I hope they take it to heart, bitter though the message may be. It might just save some from a lifetime of beating their heads against the glass wall of an unrecognised Social order.

Also on Amazon (when they process it – always slower!), at 99cents, their minimum price apart from KDP Select free days, but you have to make it exclusive to do that, and that is just wrong, I think, and if too many do it they will be creating a monopoly for Amazon. Serve them right!

So, consider, if you hve a strong simple message burning in you and you want to get it out there, do as I have done. One problem, one solution, one sitting. Then upload that sucker, fearlessly.”

Oh yes, the link to my little book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/270995

the cover (done in 30 minutes in Photoshop at 3 AM when i was uploading and realized i hadnt done a cover yet:

if your so smart copy

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Printing laser on fabric

Well this week I  had a little invention allows me to print laser on cloth – just paste clothe to sheet with stevens paste (bookbinder’s paste cellulose and water could be just as good?) and allow to dry under weight for an hour or so. Cloth peels off very easily after printing. I used 300 gsm card to paste to – SRA3 size. carefully trimmed cloth and removed any lint or loose threads. card can be re-used to paste more cloths.

A bit less vivid than card still, but works brilliantly for some things. Maybe denser weave and whiter cloth will help…

Funny how I can’t even remember for sure how I got the idea to try this. I think it’s because i keep having little ideas, mere whims often, and just try them, and only if they come to something and ‘work’ do they have any great significance. but by then the concrete reality of the result can lead you to disregard the humble ‘whim’ that was the cause. just like the silent flapping of the butterfly’s wings in south america is not regarded by the texan ranchers whose herds are saved by the resulting rainstorm…

keep quietly flapping your creative wings, you crazy butterflies! I intend to, disregarded or not.

oh and for more on creativity, see my 99c ebook How to be Creative, here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/150062

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Viral rags to riches – a dream

Well dreams are free! Also invigorating and motivating if they refer to real possibilities within one’s own power to at least influence…

See the crafty calculations here:


Sorry  if you already subscribe to ebookuploader.com.  If not, maybe you should, if you want to sell/spread your message or stories in the most effective ways possible.

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Experiments in FREE ebooks

I’ve been away on ebook missions among other things, but been posting on other blogs I write, especially here:


where I discuss the results of my 9 day free offer, now renewed to the end of 2012. Have a look! We all need to use the web and Free, if only to promote what we really love: our print books of full physicality and presence.


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A createspace 6 by 9 inch template doc

Here’s a Word doc set up with the right page size and a few prompts for what stuff to put into your book too (title page, dedication,  reader testimonies, author pic, etc). You just copy and paste your file into it. Simple but may be helpful…

CREATESPACE 6 by 9 inch page template for eutopia press authors updated 30 09 12

Go get that Createspace!

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Createspace and ebook uploading

Well I am excited to see what effect Createspace has on my own and others’ sales of books.

Will post this here, but I am going to economise a bit and mostly put up my info on uploading books, whether for ebooks or for print on demand through Createspace, on my (fiercely focussed) blog www.ebookuploader.com. Like newleaf.org, ebookuploader is intended as a resource for tested how-to info, but it is also my own personal service blog for that specific thing: getting other writers into ebook and now POD heaven, and helping them market themselves on Amazon and beyond.

Everything I do as a service I am first doing for myself and my own books, so I only offer what has worked for me. Full disclosure: I haven’t yet seen the printed output from Createspace, but I am sure it will be at least OK. And the convenience is awesome! It is the freight cost that kills most book printing and sending overseas from NZ, so near the bottom of the globe. Also the cost of doing print runs, holding stock, p&p, etc. None of that with Createspace!
So we really need to go Createspace or similar if we want to do what I know makes sense, though it is scary for most of us writers: to focus on (writing of course and…) MARKETING, not on producing the physical goods. Exceptions are the limited editions where we make the books unique, and therefore costly enough to warrant the freight costs. Also the A6 books, which are small enough to send by ordinary letter and therefore cheaply.



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Createspace is go

Thanks to David Berresford’s insistence (thanks David and let us know how the book looks!) I got into uploading books on Createspace (an amazon company) starting with his Windows in the Sky.  See his blog http://buddhaisthatyou.com/

And so far it is pretty amazing, and no harder really than uploading ebooks. Fiddly, yes, and involves reformatting to american size book format preferably (6 by 9 inch). And colour is all or nothing – full colour throughout or B&W. But the power of having them print and bind over in America AND UK and fulfill the orders and send you the royalty (about 30% depending on the page count, price you nominate, etc) is wonderful indeed! No inventory, no sending out orders, billing, chasing up payment, nothing! There’s a $25 fee to get ‘extended distribution’ which I am trying.

So i will post further on this. Meanwhile I can do formatting and uploading to Createspace for you as of now… If you want to DIY, go the their website and join. It is free, and they tell you stuff, and the process is guided quite well. One thing they don’t tell you is if your book is under 101 pages they remove the spine writing. Well they do tell you, but only  AFTER you upload it all… So I made my ferrocement book a bit longer to get around that.

You can buy your own books too from them and get them sent wherever. Not bad prices, in fact I will look into it, so we know when it may be cheaper to get them to do members’ books. for example my own 450 page epic volumes one to four – a big job for our laser printer in any quantity over say 10 or 20.

Certainly when it comes to selling our books  in USA and UK we can’t compete with printers over there because of the freight cost to send from NZ.  So Createspace is the obvious choice. Though there may be others. Lightning Source is one I have heard of.  But Createspace gets you seamlessly into amazon I believe, so it makes sense.

The great thing about having access to the setup here is for trial runs, one off prototypes, and special editions. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to upload to Createspace without being able to trial print the actual book first.


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Made another author’s blog – “Buddha is that You?”

David Berresford has used my printing service as a New Leafer to get a run of his considerable book ‘Windows in the Sky – Buddha is that You?’ –

I worked out how  to do flaps on covers for that book – nice to have added that to the repertoire!

Now like many of us he is working on how to put his work out there. I have uploaded it as an ebook (see my www.ebookuploader.com service) and today we went through the process of choosing a domain name and setting up a wordpress.com blog/website.  See the serious monkey in the header

– ‘shot’ on a footpath in India. http://www.buddhaisthatyou.com

Looking forward to some interesting posts, David!

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